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Sarjan Faraby: An Emerging Entrepreneur

Sarjan Faraby is successfully moving forward as a new entrepreneur. The online education platform Courstika, which he founded, is already used by more than ten thousand students every day. Most of these students use Courstika for academic support.

Sarjan Faraby was born in the Barishal division, had a bachelor’s degree in English literature but had a keen interest in the IT sector. And with this interest in mind, he thought of providing online training for the self-employment of a larger unemployed population.

“It is impossible to get even a small job due to the fierce competition in the job market in the country at present. So if one can do something by learning technical knowledge on one’s own, that would be the best thing right now,” said Sarjan Faraby.

“In Courstika, we are emphasizing technical education as well as academic so that a student can learn to work on his own and arrange for self-employment.” He added.

In the COVID-19 situation where people have become almost jobless, many are looking positively at Sarjan Faraby’s initiative. The students of Courstika claim that the data available here is playing an important role in making their careers better. At the same time, they are getting encouragement to do something on their own initiative without running after the job.

It is to be mentioned that Sarjan Faraby started his career in 2018 as the chief computer in-charge in the local newspaper named the Daily Somoyer Barta of Barisal. Yet he continues to work successfully there.

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