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Make Money Online With Phone | 10 Easiest Ways

In this advanced age of information technology, make money online with phone have been created. Today’s smartphones are not just a talking tool, a tool for making money. If you know all the uses of smartphones in your hand, you’ll also become proficient in the method of making money online.

There was a time when the only media of online income was computers or laptops. Times have changed. Following in it’s footsteps, online income with mobile has now become very popular. Mobile is one of the main sources of income for youth and students now.

How can I make money online with my phone?

There are various ways to make money online with phone. From surfing the web to watching videos, you can now earn a good amount of money with your mobile phone. In this article, we’ll learn about 10 easiest ways to make money online with phone, which you can follow to be successful. So let’s get started.

1. Web surfing and watching videos

There are several websites and mobile apps that allow users to earn money by watching advertisements or short video clips. Your job is to create an account on these platforms and watch the videos they give you over a period of time. Here are two popular mobile apps:

Swagbucks: This is a popular app where you can make money by shopping, watching videos and answering various surveys. In the end, you can get the money deposited in your balance by using PayPal or Gift Card.

Fronto: In this mobile app you can read various news, articles, product deals and reviews. You’ll also be able to view various ads to earn points. You can also earn bonus points for downloading free apps.

2. Playing games

Nowadays games are not just for fun or entertainment, but also for earning. Nowadays gamers have the opportunity to earn money by playing various mobile games and making positive reviews about them. These applications provide truly good roots. As a result, the popularity of playing games is slowly increasing.

Here are some of the games that can be earned by playing games:

  • Mistplay
  • Lucktastic
  • Gamehag
  • Wizard of Oz Slots
  • Lucky Level
  • Willy Wonka Slots
  • Game of Thrones Slot Casino
  • My Konami Slots

3. Playing quiz

We waste a lot of time on mobile every day. As a result, our time is being wasted, as well as we are lagging behind financially as we do not use that time for any productive work.

But did you know that it is very easy to earn money by playing quiz with mobile now? Yes, there are many mobile apps where you can earn income with correct answers to various quizzes. There will be quizzes on various topics. Logo Quiz, General Knowledge Quiz, Geography, Science and Sports.

Here are some apps that can be earned by playing quizzes:

  • Qureka Quiz
  • Loco Quiz
  • Brain Bazi Quiz
  • MobShow Quiz
  • Play Prime Time Quiz
  • Zupee Quiz
  • Just Play Quiz
    GameOn Cricket Quiz

4. Online surveys

Income from mobile surveys is now becoming very popular. Currently, one of the growing ways of earning mobile income for students is through online surveys. There are many research institutes in the country and abroad. Whose research work is to survey for the collection of various information. Students who come to earn income online from all over the world participate in these surveys with information.

Not just research institutes, different companies want to know people’s opinions about their products. They sort out the next marketing plan knowing about the marketing, competitors and popularity of their products. And for this they need experienced surveyors.

Working on mobile surveys is relatively easy. There are many organizations to help you with the survey work. When dealing with them, they create questions and use them online. If you register on all these sites, you can get a list of different surveys.

  • Survey Junkie
  • InboxDollars
  • Swagbucks
  • LifePoints
  • National Consumer Panel
  • Pinecone Research
  • Opinion Outpost

You can choose the survey of your choice from the list above. Questions for different types of surveys can be more or less, simple or complex. And the amount of money is more or less the same. You can earn from a few cents for a simple survey to a few dollars for a slightly larger survey.

5. Downloading the app

There are some apps that reward you for downloading on your smartphone. Your job is to download and use these apps for a while. However, in most cases, many of these apps complicate work payments. So check and sort before working.

6. Apps review

It is now possible to earn income by reviewing various apps in the Google Play Store. Numerous apps are being published in Google Play Store every day. Owners of these apps buy reviews to increase the popularity of their products. And these reviews are written by ordinary people like you and me.

App Review is currently one of the fastest ways to make money online for people at the student level. If you have experience with how users use an app, then this is for you. Various organizations pay up to $10 to do this work.

7. Making YouTube videos

YouTube is becoming very popular among the younger generation. Because, YouTube is not only a place of entertainment, it is also a great source of money. If you can create good content on any topic, then create a channel on YouTube, upload them there, promote them.

Do you need to know good acting to do YouTube? Not at all. Can you cook well? Then you can always make videos with new recipes. Are you beauty conscious? Then you can share beauty tips to spread this knowledge among others.

Then you understand, acting is not the main thing to do on YouTube. Nowadays you can earn a lot of money by taking tutorial classes on YouTube. So get involved today in the work of your dream YouTube channel. Which can give you ultimate success.

8. Google’s Opinion Rewards

Google has an official app called Google’s Opinion Rewards through which you can collect some reward points by completing some surveys. In addition to Google’s free service, there are some services that you have to spend money to enjoy. If you can earn points through Google’s Opinion Rewards, you can buy Google’s paid services through these points.

After installing the Google’s Opinion Rewards application, you can complete 20 to 30 surveys per week and save the points you earn. Although the amount of reward here is not too much. However, since the app belongs to Google, you can trust it.

9. Freelancing

Freelancing is currently a popular medium for online based work. Through freelancing, now anyone can earn enough at home with mobile. You no longer need a computer to do small tasks like photo background removal, logo design, ad design and content writing. Their are now many way to complete these task through various mobile applications.

If you can do these things, then these can be one of the tools to earn your money through freelancing. Also if you are proficient in any particular job, you can achieve quite a lot in your freelancing career.

There are various marketplaces online like Fiverr or Upwork, where people look for skilled people to perform a particular task. If you have a profile in these marketplaces, you can easily do that.

10. Selling pictures

Expensive cameras are no longer needed to take good pictures. We all have smartphones in our hands. Nowadays smartphone cameras are so modern and advanced that you can take great pictures with it. The pictures taken with a mobile camera can be sold online and earn a lot of money.

Even today, many people do not know how to earn income by selling pictures. On the other hand, the number of people earning a lot in this sector is not less. There are many marketplaces online where you can earn royalties by selling the best pictures you take.

Here are some websites that sell pictures online:

  • Pexels
  • Adobe Stock
  • Pixabay
  • Getty Images
  • Shutterstock

Your income will depend on the commission for selling pictures on all these websites. Stock images are priced differently on different sites. The amount is usually 25% -75%.

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Last word

In this long article, you have learned how to make money online with phone. If you are a young person or student, you must check these sources of income with mobile. If you are committed, it is possible to earn money by following these steps.

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