how to make your Android phone run faster

Top 7 Ways to Make Your Android Phone Run Faster

When your favorite smartphone slows down over time you must know how to make your Android phone run faster. We all want to make our Android phone run faster. But facing many technical problems it is very difficult to do.

Many fast and updated smartphones also slow down over time. Gradually the performance of a super fast phone also decreases. If you can invest hundreds of dollars behind a new smartphone, you can expect it to last a long time.

But even phones bought at a higher price start working very slowly at one stage. Even if you buy a fast enough phone at the time of purchase, after a while the phone becomes slow. This does not work properly on the phone.

How to make your Android phone run faster?

There are many reasons why your phone slows down that you may not even know. If you think your Android phone is slow and has trouble working, you can try the following process. Then how to make your Android phone run faster when it slows down? Let’s know.

1. Update operating system 

The main reason for slowing down a smartphone is the operating system is not always updated. It is very important to keep the OS updated. This is because the updated version is released by fixing various types of bugs and lags in the operating system update. So as soon as the operating system is updated, your phone should be updated immediately. If the operating system is updated regularly, your phone is much less likely to be slow.

2. Keep apps updated

If you do not keep the Android apps updated, the speed of the phone may slow down. If there is a new update of any app, that app will ask your permission. Your job is simply to allow it. Of course you have to spend some amount of data for that.

In addition to keeping the apps updated, their cached data should be kept clean regularly. Your phone sometimes stores pictures and pieces of information associated with an application. So that you do not have to download it again and again while opening the application. This is usually a positive feature, but it also slows down your phone.

So if you think your phone is slow, delete these pictures and pieces of information. Go to the Settings option of your phone to find the cached data of certain apps and delete it. This will make your phone work better than before.

3. Delete unnecessary documents

Having extra pictures, songs, videos on the smartphone often fills up the memory of your phone. As a result, your phone runs slow. Because RAM cannot give enough memory space. So if your phone is slow then delete the files that are not needed

It’s normal to forget to delete old or unnecessary pictures and music files. But it is an important step to get your phone running speed back.

Not just audio, video and pictures, the speed of your phone can be reduced due to various apps. Because, many apps run in the background of the phone. And this type of app occupies a lot of space on your phone. So deleting these unnecessary apps will definitely increase the speed of your phone.

4. Turn off the animation

A lot of energy is wasted to run the animation of the Android phone. Which can slow down a phone. Stop using animations to speed up your Android phone. This will keep you away from benefits that may not be very necessary, but will further increase the performance of your phone.

To do this, go to Settings ► About phone, scroll down and tap Build Number exactly seven times. This will give you access to a “Developer Options” menu in the phone’s system settings. In this menu you will find Window Animation Scale, Animation Change Scale, and Animation Duration Scale. Set to .5x with each tap or turn it off.

5. Use a light browser

Many people use heavy web browsers like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox for browsing the internet. These browsers are very advanced. As a result, they consume a lot of RAM space. Usually low budget phones don’t have a very good service from apps like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

So try to use the lightest web browsers. For this you can use a light browser like Opera Mini. Or you can use the default web browser for Android. This will make your phone much faster than before.

6. Replace the battery

If your phone’s battery is a little old, it is likely to slow down. Not only that, such batteries cause the phone to overheat and at one stage become completely inoperable. To save the smartphone from this, you have to change the battery as soon as you have time. Because it gets too hot, the smartphone can blast at any time.

7. Reset factory data

If the speed of your smartphone is too slow, you can reset it’s factory data. It will delete all the information, applications, photos, music in your phone memory. So before resetting the factory data, you must have a backup of all the data of your Android.

Go to Settings ► Backup ► reset ► Factory reset option for factory reset. A factory reset will leave your phone in the same condition as it was at the time of purchase. After the reset, set-up everything on your Android device anew.

Some more ways to make your phone run faster

  • Many people use live wallpapers to enhance the beauty of smartphones. It looks nice but affects the performance of the phone. So use plain wallpaper on the phone to maintain performance.
  • Most of the things we download are stored in the download folder of the smartphone. Delete files that are no longer in use.
  • The history of the various sites we browse on the Internet remains. Delete them regularly to get better browsing speed.
  • Hardware faults can also slow down your favorite smartphone. In that case, of course, you can contact the service center of the specific brand.

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Last Words

It is normal for the smartphone to lose some of its performance speed with age. So there is nothing to worry about. Follow our tips above carefully. Hopefully you’ll be able to make your Android phone run faster than before.

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