how to learn computer at home

How to Learn Computer Basic to Advanced at Home?

The question may come to your mind, is it possible to learn computer at home! To be honest, you can learn computer at home. Learning computer means a lot. Just the basic work of running a computer, again managing various software or programming is also a part of computer learning.

Now, you have to decide first, what you want to learn. Generally, every person should have basic knowledge of computer. In today’s world of technology, if you want to keep pace with the world, you must learn the basics of computers.

Be it computer basic or advanced, you can learn everything at home. Instructions for learning big tasks starting from computer on and off are now available on the internet for free. Computer science is going to be read online nowadays. Anyway, you can understand that when you read the rest of the text.

How to learn computer at home?

You must first determine what you really want to learn. If you want to know the basics of computer, then you first have to deal with the computer. For example, after turning on the computer to run various software, settings and other issues to deal with. Just as you can’t learn to swim without getting into the water, you can’t learn to use a computer without it.

You will find the basics of computer on YouTube and Google. You must first learn these basics. There are many computer related skills. The most common of these skills are:

  • Microsoft Office
  • Graphics design
  • Web design
  • And programming

The funny thing is, you can do the above skills online from home. Online courses have become so popular that famous universities like Harvard and Cambridge offer online courses on these topics.

1. Learn computer from YouTube

Many people publish courses in the form of lists on YouTube. If you want to learn computer at home, you can follow the playlists on YouTube. Also, you can create a syllabus if you want. Then, you can learn computer by video search accordingly.

Suppose you want to learn Microsoft Office. In that case, you need to understand what you need to learn about Microsoft Office. For this, you need a syllabus. So collect Microsoft Office online training syllabus. And then you can learn computer step by step by searching every subject.

2. Take the course online

According to the PR Newswire, the market value of e-learning by 2026 will be about $370 billion from USD 226 Billion in 2020, at a CAGR of 8.56% during 2021-2026. Hopefully, you understand how popular online courses are. If you are thinking of learning computer at home, then your thinking is not wrong but 100% correct.

Generally courses are offered online in English language. Happily, at present, there are numerous computer courses in different languages ​​on different platforms in different countries worldwide.

On several of these platforms you can take computer courses for free. Again there are some where you need to take a premium subscription to do the course. That is, you have to register the membership with money.

However, not all online computer learning platforms are standard. So you have to read their student reviews before enrolling in any course. Wherever you want to do the course, you need to check the quality of the teacher. You will also see if there is a facility to download videos.

Currently almost all e-learning platforms offer a certificate at the end of the course. Find out if your desired institution will issue a certificate. It is also important to know the value of the certificate issued by them in the job market.

Some online platforms to learn computer:

  • Udemy
  • Coursera
  • Home and Learn
  • Lynda
  • Khan Academy
  • Alison
  • edX
  • Futurelearn
  • Udacity

3. Join the live class

Many people now take live computer classes online. Some of them teach for free, while others teach for free. The advantage of taking a live class is that you get the opportunity to ask questions directly and get answers directly. Also, the field in particular will give you the feeling of taking classes in practice.

4. Learn through books or e-books

There are many hardcover books for computer learning. There are also numerous e-books available online. With which you can easily learn computer at home. For those who are interested in reading books and understand everything easily through books, this medium is quite useful.

When buying computer learning books, keep in mind:

  • Whether the book is written in the language you are experienced in. Suppose you are experienced in English, then if the book is in English, it will be useful for you to understand. If you do not understand English very well, then books in your own language will definitely be useful for you.
  • Be sure to check out the book for details. Because, without explanation, you will have difficulty understanding many things.
  • Make sure that the language of writing is easy to understand.
  • Whether each step of the book is given in the form of screenshots or pictures. Because, it is not possible to explain a lot of things by computer. The picture is very useful.

5. Keep a home tutor

If you want to take the course at home, you can have any home tutor in your home. That is, one can learn computer at home from someone who is proficient in computers or experienced in computer.

In that case, you must spend money. But, it is very beneficial for you, if you are not interested in taking online classes. It’s basically a traditional way of learning computers at home.

Last word

If you want to keep yourself updated with the times, you have to learn computer. In today’s article, we hope you have found the answer to how to learn computer at home. We expect that there will be no more doubts about learning computer from now.

But yes, after learning computer you must continue practicing. In the absence of regular practice at one stage you will forget a lot of what you have learned. So watch, learn and practice regularly for the purpose of real life use.

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