how to get more phone storage on android

How to Get More Phone Storage on Android?

When you go to download an app on the phone, you are shown a notice that the phone’s storage is full; This is certainly a boring moment. Customers usually buy low storage phones to save money. But after a few days they have to find a way how to get more phone storage on android.

If you or someone in your family is addicted to playing games, the problem will come up more quickly. Games and other apps are increasing in size day by day. This shows that the phone is much slower than before, starts to hang and the battery of the device also runs out very quickly.

Then how to get more phone storage on android?

So how do you get rid of this problem? If you run out of phone storage very quickly, you need to know how to get more phone storage on android. If you use your phone with more consciousness, you’ll never have this kind of problem. In this article, We’ll tell you how to free up space on your Android phone.

1. Cache and data clear

Many people choose cache and data clear as the first way to save the storage of an Android phone. Long-cached cache occupies a large portion of your phone’s internal memory. So it is very important to clear the cache and data to save the storage of the Android phone.

To do this, go to the phone’s app manager. Here you’ll see all the apps installed on your phone. Go there and select all the apps. Then delete its data and cache. This deletes the old app choice, but many GB are saved at once. However, keep in mind that the cache will increase with the use of the app and the data size will also increase with the update.

2. Install apps on the SD card

Usually you don’t have to worry about data storage for installing apps on Android smartphones. However, in the case of some entry level Android phones, there are many problems with storage. This is because the basic storage of most Android powered smartphones is usually 32 GB, but the storage capacity of these Android phones, which are more common and more expensive at entry level, is much less. Due to this, the phone users get in trouble while downloading the app.

Since there is no space, many necessary apps have to be deleted. But you can transfer your apps from phone memory to SD card if you want. It will also save space and the smartphone will work faster. However, not all apps can be transferred to the SD card. Again, you may not get this facility on many Android phones.

3. Delete unnecessary files

Downloading apps, song clips or movies on Android phones at different times fills up its storage very quickly. The ability of the smartphone to work is also slowed down when the storage gradually becomes full. Because, when the storage is full, the smartphone does not get enough space to work.

So, select and delete the old unnecessary files. This will make your phone a lot lighter! However, if your files are very important, you can use an external SD card. Initially if the files occupy space in the internal memory, then it must be moved to the SD card later. That will reduce the pressure on the internal storage of the phone.

4. Use the GOM Saver app

GOM Saver is an app developed by GOM & Company that has been popular for the protection of phone memory. Where other cleaning apps cannot empty more than a few kilobytes of storage, GOM Saver records up to a few gigabytes which play a very important role in your storage management system.

Even this is the first app designed with how to get more phone storage on android. Without deleting any pictures, videos or any other files stored on your phone. When your phone’s memory is almost full, the GOM Saver app will allow you to add new files, including freeing up a lot of memory space without erasing any data.

The GOM Saver app uses the most advanced file compression technology. This greatly reduces the file size of any image or video that is too large. The app has been downloaded more than a million times in a very short time due to its effectiveness and reliability and has also received a 4.4 rating in the Play Store.

5. Backup to Google Photos

If your favorite photos occupy a lot of space in the phone memory, you can back them up to Google Photos. Currently, the most popular way to store photos is Google Photos. You’ll get 15 GB of free storage here, where you can store countless pictures without any cost.

Using Google Photos, you store photos in a cool place without using any of the phone’s internal and external memory. You can also view photos whenever you want. You can also edit as well. Another great advantage of this is that even if your phone is ever lost, you can easily recover your photos with your Gmail account.

6. Use the lite app

Facebook and Messenger are the daily essential apps on our smartphones. Also, it is almost impossible to spend our time without the apps like Twitter, ShareIt and TikTok. But since these apps are very heavy, they are installed with a large space on the phone. So you can use the lite version of these apps if you wish.

Installing the above apps will increase the storage of the smartphone and work faster than before.

7. Stop media downloads automatically

In social media Facebook and WhatsApp are very popular nowadays. Android phone users who do not use Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp are hard to find these days. However, the problem is not in the use of the app, but in the settings of the app.

Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp have some settings by default that allow it to automatically download pictures and other media that come with your messages. They save them in your memory which is mostly unnecessary.

That’s why when using Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, you must turn off the option to automatically download media files from the settings so that no unnecessary files can be downloaded and waste your valuable storage space. While this is a simple process, it is very effective in increasing the storage of Android phones.

8. Use cloud storage

Cloud storage is the most popular way to edit your valuable information from anywhere in the world. Moreover, most of the popular cloud storage services have a certain amount of free space and many people are interested in using it.

No matter how much your phone’s built-in memory is, everyone should use cloud storage services. Using the cloud storage service will greatly reduce the pressure on your phone’s internal storage. This will increase the internal storage of your phone.

Cloud storage, on the other hand, is much more secure than our phone’s storage system. In many cases, if your phone is damaged in an accident, the chances of your stored data being recovered from your phone are greatly reduced.

There re some famous cloud storage services:

  • Google Drive: 15 GB free data storage.
  • OneDrive: 15 GB data storage.
  • Mega: 50 GB data storage.
  • Dropbox: 50 GB data storage.
  • IDrive: 5 GB data storage.

Almost all of the cloud storage services offer a certain amount of free space which is enough to store your valuable photos, videos and other documents. In addition to the free version, all cloud storage services also have paid services so that there is much more cloud space and other benefits than the free version.

9. Use free up space tool

The phone comes with a built-in free up space tool. Because the company also knows how quickly phone storage fills up. This tool resides in the settings of each device. First go to phone settings, then enter storage.

Here you can see how much space you have already used and how much is left. Next to it you will see the button called Free Up Space and click on it. Here you will find apps and files that you haven’t used in a long time. You can lighten the phone by deleting them.

10. Reset the phone

If none of the above tricks work for you, reset the phone factory settings. Factory reset is a very effective method to make the phone as fast and light as before. You can use your phone for a long time if you do a factory reset of the phone often. Resetting your device returns to its previous state as you first bought it.

But keep in mind that resetting deletes all photos, videos, messages and downloaded apps. So before resetting, make sure that you have backed up all your important files or data. Otherwise, if you reset without backup, there will be nothing left to do.

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Last word

In this long article you learned about how to get more phone storage on android. Even if the storage of our Android phone becomes full in a very short time and it becomes difficult to use it, it is not desirable for any of us.

However, in many cases due to ignorance, due to some of our mistakes, it is seen that the amount of space left in the memory of the phone is very low after a few days of purchase. In all such cases, it is expected that you can increase the storage of your phone by following the above methods.

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