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How to Get Loan From bKash | bKash Loan 2021

bKash loan 2021 : Since the announcement of the launch of bKash and City Bank loan services, many people have expressed interest in how to get loan from bkash. Recently, bKash and City Bank have teamed up to launch a loan service. It is said that this is the first digital loan disbursement service in Bangladesh.

The development service is currently being piloted. According to bKash, when the service is fully available, a maximum of Tk 10,000 digital loan will be available under it. Today we will know the way to get loan from bKash.

The best aspect of bKash loan 2021 is that you can get this loan without any collateral in your account. Which will be provided through City bank. What is the way to get a loan from bKash? Let us know, some important information about how to get loan from bKas without disbursement.

How to get loan from bKash?

With the help of bKash app you can take a loan from bKash without any hassle. At present, the development loan service activities are being conducted experimentally. This means that not everyone but a select number of customers will be able to avail the loan service from bKash.

Customers will see the loan icon in their bKash app as a way to get a bKash loan. In order to take a loan, the customer has to give permission to give the information given to bKash in his e-KYC form to City bank. Then you will get the loan amount in your account immediately with the loan amount and bKash account pin code.

Although this service is not available to everyone now. However, if this project of bKash and Citybank is successful, the service will be open to more bKash customers.

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bKash loan eligibility

In this bKash digital loan service combined with bKash and City bank you can take Tk 10,000 without any security. That means you don’t have to pay any collateral and don’t have to follow any extra rules to get the money.

If you are a selected customer in the pilot project, you can easily take a loan of Tk 10,000 at any time through bKash Digital Loan Service. The idea is that the amount of later developed digital loans may be increased based on transactions and loan repayments.

bKash loan interest rate

Apparently you don’t have to pay any collateral to take a bKash digital loan. However, since City bank operates under Bangladesh Bank, interest has to be paid to take a loan from Bangladesh Bank.

And the interest rate is only 9 percent. And by following this rule you can get digital loan at the rate of 9 percent. That means you have to pay interest at the rate of Tk 900 for every Tk 10,000.

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bKash loan repayment rules

The loan will be automatically repaid in three equal installments from the customer’s account on the due date in the next three months. However, before the loan is repaid, you will receive a notification on your phone via message and app.

But keep in mind that the loan will also monitor whether you are repaying the loan on time. The transparency of your loan repayment will be considered in the next loan disbursement.

This means that if you are late in repaying the loan, you may not get the loan later. So you have to be interested in repaying the loan on time.

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