how to boost internet speed on android phone

How to BOOST Internet Speed on Android Phone | 20 Methods You Should Apply

Mobile network is very weak in many areas. In particular, the availability of mobile networks in rural areas is a matter of great fortune. Although there is not much of a problem with the network in the city, the network in the village is so weak that we have to think how to boost internet speed on android phone.

If you also live in a village, or in an area where it is difficult to get a network signal, you should know how to boost internet speed on android phone. From this tutorial, you will learn how to get internet speed on weak mobile network which may take away your frustration.

It’s really frustrating that the phone companies are paying the net bill but not using the net properly. The country’s mobile operators named it 4G, selling various packages on the net with flashy advertisements, but are not able to give the speed of the net.

Most of the time ordinary users don’t even know how much speed they are getting. Our phone companies also resort to lies in this case. So, check the speed of internet yourself without relying on their words. However, do not be discouraged by the speed. We have 20 effective ways to boost internet speed on android phone.

How to boost internet speed on android phone?

If you want to run the net on a weak network, you need to increase the speed of the net by applying some techniques. Those who know how to boost internet speed on android phone, have already read a part of this article. However, do not assume that you know everything.

Instead, let’s talk about some techniques that you didn’t know about before. Let us know about that technique.

1. Reset network settings

Many times you can boost internet speed on android phone by resetting the network settings. This refreshes the network. As a result, internet speed returns to normal.

However, after resetting the network, your saved WiFi password may also be reset. So if you don’t remember the password, write down the WiFi password first, then reset it. Also, if you are using a VPN, you may need to set it up anew.

However, to perform a network reset, first go to Settings, then General and then General to Reset and from there to Reset Network Settings.

2. Clear the cache

When you search for something in a mobile browser, the address of that web page is stored in the mobile’s cache memory. When this data accumulates and becomes more, it affects the internet speed of your mobile. As a result, the speed of your mobile internet starts to slow down.

So you should clear the cache memory of your mobile from time to time. This is one of the ways to boost internet speed on android phone.

3. Restart your phone

Wondering what is the relationship between increasing the speed of a weak network and restarting the smartphone! Um, of course, yes, I know this, why it’s something known in advance. Our smartphones are a lot like mini computers. Just as we restart to solve various types of unwanted problems on the computer, it is also possible to solve some problems by restarting the smartphone.

In particular, it reboots the network when the phone is restarted. That is, take the network anew. As a result, the speed of the network increases.

Hold down the power button to restart the Android phone. Or, try other ways depending on the type of your smartphone, such as holding down the power button and down key together. Hold down until the word Restart appears on the screen.

When you see the word Restart along with other functions on the screen, release it and tap on the word Restart. Your phone will be restarted. Also, you can restart it from your phone’s settings.

4. Turn Airplane Mode on and off

Another effective way to increase internet speed on a weak mobile network is to turn Airplane Mode on and off. As it turns on and off, it is often seen that the network signal becomes strong.

You can easily turn Airplane Mode on and off on Android. Swipe down the screen of your smartphone. It will have a quick settings view. Now tap on the Airplane icon and wait until your phone is disconnected from all types of WiFi and cellular connections.

If not immediately, wait at least 30 seconds. And when done, tap again and turn it on.

5. Open the SIM card and re-insert

Another common trouble shooting to strengthen the weak signal of the mobile is to remove the SIM and re-insert it. So, open the SIM and insert it again. However, you must turn off the smartphone before that. Do not open the SIM while it is on, it may cause another problem.

6. Use data management applications

We can manage Internet data for our mobile applications in the same way that we manage our daily tasks as needed. There are currently many applications that can be used to manage data.

Allows you to identify which mobile applications are using your internet data. If an application uses more data, you can restrict its data usage, that is, stop using its data. And you can stop using their internet data.

7. Use ad-blockers

One of the ways to boost internet speed on android phone is to use ad-blocker. You’ve often seen that when you search the internet, you see ads in the form of images or videos.

These types of ads also use your mobile’s internet data, which has some effect on the speed of the internet due to the load. Ways to increase internet speed

If you use ad-blocker on your mobile, you will not see such ads on your mobile while running internet and you will get a clean and fast internet running experience.

8. Change location

There are various reasons for slow internet connection in smartphones. For example, bad weather, network congestion, and even solar activity. However, in most cases the network is weak due to geographical location.

It is often seen that mobile networks are weak in hilly areas or coastal areas. If you are visiting an area like this, you have to accept it, unless you are changing the location.

If you have to do something very urgent on the Internet, get out of the area of ​​that weak network for a while. And after completing the necessary work, go there again.

9. Free RAM and internal memory

You should try to keep your mobile’s RAM and internal memory as empty as possible. When the RAM and internal memory of a mobile is used more, the mobile works at the same slow speed.

Now if your mobile is running slowly, the internet will also be able to run slowly on your mobile. So try to keep both your mobile RAM and internal memory empty. So that both your mobile and internet can run well. Ways to increase internet speed

10. Disable high consuming network app

It is often seen that some special apps slow down the data connection of the mobile which is not understood in general. In this case, you need to run an investigation. That is, you need to see if an app is eating up your data network. If you find such an app, either disable it or uninstall it.

To do this, go to Settings to your favorite Android phone and from there go to Network and Internet Options. And there is a mobile network. Once you go to the mobile network, you will find app data usage. From there, disable network hacking apps.

11. Close the background application

There are some apps on your mobile that run in the background of your mobile. These apps consume a lot of internet, which slows down the internet. Because of running in the background, you may not know that apps are using the Internet at that time.

Therefore, you should turn off such applications by going to your mobile settings, so that you get better speed of internet and your data will also cost less.

12. Disable data saver

It is often seen that many people enable data saver on their smartphones to save internet data. And then they forget to disable it which slows down their connection.

So, go to Network & Internet from Settings and from there go to Data Saver to see if it is enabled. If so, disable it.

Some smartphones have this Data Saver Mode called Low Data Mode. Whatever the name, your job is to turn it off when it’s on.

13. Stop using VPN

Many people use VPN for privacy or for any special purpose. You will be surprised to know that VPN slows down the internet connection. You are located in India, but you are using internet using US location. The internet must be slow!

Therefore, one of the most effective ways to increase the speed of the Internet is to stop using VPN in times of need. That is, when your VPN is done, you must stop using it. Will use again later if needed.

14. Delete unnecessary apps

We often download applications on mobile that are rarely used. If you have a similar app on your mobile that you are not currently using, delete or uninstall it. This will increase the memory storage of your mobile and increase the internet speed if the cookies memory is cleared.

15. Use fast and light browser

Some web pages are too high in size. So they take more time to load. In that case, you can use the browsers that make the web page smaller to load. These not only save your internet data, but also provide better speed as web pages load faster.

There are currently several browsers available in the Google Play Store, such as the Opera Mini or UC Browser, which help speed up your Internet by compressing web pages.

16. Select the network

If we travel somewhere outside the city, our mobile network signal varies from 4G to 3G and sometimes from 3G to 2G. Changing the network signal also affects the speed of the Internet.

So choose the place where you are getting the strongest signal. That way, your mobile will not search for any other signal and your internet will run the same.

17. Update internet browser

We use different types of internet browsers to access mobile internet. To boost internet speed on android phone all browser versions must be up to date. If you get a new update to your used browser, don’t wait for it. You should update soon.

Because by updating you will also get new security features that will load web pages faster and you will see an improvement in mobile internet speed.

18. Disable auto download updates

Some apps have the auto update option turned on. As a result, these apps are updated for a long time as soon as you turn on the internet. So it would be better if you turn off this option. This will reduce the cost of your internet and you will get better speed.

19. Check your data usage

Sometimes mobile operator companies create a limitation on daily internet usage. As a result, using a certain amount of data reduces your internet speed from normal. So in this case, you should take a look at your data usage at once.

20. Use Internet Speed Master app

If no other technique works, you can install apps that boost internet speed. There are some trusted apps like Internet Speed Master in Google Play Store that help to boost internet speed on android phone.

These app increases the internet speed by modifying the configuration of your phone. It loads videos and various content from any website very fast. Which increases the speed of your phone by about 30% – 40%. However you can get this speed more or less depending on the location and the capacity of the device.

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Last word

If you do not know the exact reason for low speed, you will not be able to boost internet speed on android phone. Mobile network can be weak for various reasons. So if you think the speed of the net is low, before blaming the service provider, check the settings of your mobile once. You can try the above methods to increase the speed of the Internet. Hope one of technique will work for you.

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