common ac problems and solutions

AC: Common Problems and Solutions You Must Know

Worried about your AC problems? Various problems are appearing? There is no reason to worry. Having some idea about the common AC problems and solutions can easily save you from accidents like explosions or embarrassment like breakdown.

The heat that flows in the summer does not leave us without AC. And that’s why it’s important for us to have some idea of the nuances of the AC problem. However, we do not have to be very technical for common AC problems and solutions. With a little knowledge you can solve these common problems.

Some general ideas about AC will help you become a technician. And if you have already started working as a technician, these will enhance your skills. Hopefully, when someone calls you to fix his air conditioning problem, you can fix it successfully.

On the other hand, as a user, everyone needs to know about some common problems with air conditioning. By doing this, he’ll be able to maintain his own AC. You’ll be able to know the cause of the AC explosion, and will be able to avoid them and ensure the safety of the AC.

Some common AC problems and solutions

The general consumer knows the things to consider before buying an AC. But, not everyone is aware of the things that are important to know for subsequent maintenance. Therefore, AC sellers, users and technicians should know some common problems and their easy solutions.

Whether you are an AC user or vendor or technician, you need to know about AC. In particular, you need to have an idea of the problems that AC may encounter or may cause during use. So, let’s learn about 6 common ac problems and solutions.

1. Thermostat battery is not turned on

One should always be extremely careful while using AC. Since it has different types of parts which can cause different kinds of problems. Therefore, it must be noted whether the activities of the AC are running properly. Because, if any part of the AC is damaged, it is very expensive to repair it. Therefore, it is possible to avoid this kind of trouble if you are careful from the beginning. First you need to check if the AC is working properly.

Whether the AC is on depends on the proper operation of the thermostat battery. If the AC thermostat battery is damaged, it needs to be replaced. Many times the battery is OK but the AC is not on. In that case you need to see if the right mode is working to keep the air cool inside. If not, here’s a new product just for you!

There is also the problem that even if all the activities of the thermostat battery are OK, the AC is not turned on due to the fault of the circuit breaker. In this case, reset the circuit breaker by switching. Then your AC will be turned on.

2. Leakage of water from the inner part

Many times you’ll see water coming out of the AC. This means servicing your AC very quickly. This may be due to an attack of algae or fungus on the internal cooling pipe of your AC.

As a result, its cooling process is being interrupted and water is entering your room. Another reason may be that the cooling pipe is damaged. In that case, you need to change the pipe.

You can fix this problem with a skilled AC technician. Or, you can fix it yourself. It is good that you know the solution to the common problem of AC. With the help of a vacuum tube you can remove the algae that has accumulated inside the cooling pipe. You can destroy algae by using 6 ounces of vinegar.

Caution: If you are incompetent, it is best to hire a technician. Otherwise, your AC may be damaged

3. Leaking water from compressor

It is the job of the compressor to let the hot air inside out. However, while doing this work, a lot of dust and dirt accumulates in this part. You’ll often see that there is a lot of water under the AC compressor.

This problem can be caused by not installing the AC properly. Again the air filter stays dry, broken condensate pan, low quality AC also has to face such problems. To solve this, first turn off the power button of the AC and turn off the power connection. You must have a skilled technician to solve such problems.

If you don’t fix the problem as soon as possible, things like an AC explosion can happen. On the other hand, if dirt accumulates in this part, hot air will not come out. As a result, the house will not be cold properly. So with a brush, gently clean this part of the AC from time to time.

4. Air filter breakdown

Inside the AC there are different parts that each do certain things. An air conditioner filter helps to protect the AC from various types of dust and dirt. Therefore, if dirt accumulates in the air filter, it prevents cold air from escaping. It also interferes with the AC air cooling process.

Since this is a common problem with AC, one should always have the right idea about the filter. You should know when it needs to change. This period is usually 3 to 4 months. Smart air conditioners usually signal this problem with the air filter.

5. Problem with AC fan

An AC fan is a part that is placed on the outside of the house. It removes the hot air from the house with the help of this fan. But many times for various reasons this AC fan cannot get the air out properly.

This problem can also be caused by the loss of an internal part of the AC. For which the AC may be damaged. If the AC fan does not work properly, there is extra pressure on the compressor and there is a possibility of an accident at one stage.

Therefore, if the AC fan is damaged or does not work properly, it must be understood that there is a problem with any wiring or any internal part. You can solve this problem with a skilled technician.

6. Freezing the outside of the AC

Lack of adequate ventilation, low outside temperature, low cooling level, motor problems, contractor problems, etc. can cause the outside of the AC to freeze. This disrupted the activities of the AC.

7. Electrical fault

When the AC is turned on, the house is cooled by an integrated process of its compressor, motor and AC fan. Each of these is connected to an electrical circuit or cable. Therefore, if there is an electrical fault inside the AC, or the connected wire is damaged, the AC will not turn on.

On the other hand, if the electricity in your house runs on low voltage, then your AC will not work. Rather the instrument will suffer further damage. So, find out about your electrical voltage before installing AC in the house. However, if you face any such problem and can’t turn on the AC, contact a technician immediately.

Other common AC problems and solutions

  • The job of a circuit breaker is to protect the devices from any kind of electrical damage. If the AC doesn’t work for any reason, check the circuit breaker first.
  • Less water evaporates during the rainy season or when the temperature drops. This causes water to leak from your air conditioner.
  • Inside the air conditioner, the condenser pump broke and water fell. Repairing the condenser or pump eliminates this problem
  • Your AC will not work if there is ice inside. When the ice freezes, turn off the AC and just leave the fan on. This will keep the ice from breaking and will solve the problem one day.
  • If your AC is battery powered, it needs to be replaced from time to time. So if the AC never works, check the battery without fear.

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Last word

Common AC problems can be solved very easily. If you do not pay special attention to these problems, these problems will be much larger than the AC from which there is a possibility of damage.

So, if there is any problem to prevent the AC from being damaged or exploding, fix it very quickly and always maintain the AC. And enjoy the cool cool air even in this heat.

In this article we have tried to give you a detailed idea about common ac problems and solutions. As a general user, it is very important for you to know these things. Even if you don’t know the solution, if you call a technician at the moment of need, you can explain it well. Even the technician will not be able to deceive you.

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